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1st-Jan-2009 03:35 am - Heroes 109-112 + series-wide reflection
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Okay, so I think I am about to pike. It's 3.30am and I made it precisely half way through. I'll hire it out while I'm in Brissie and finish it there. 'Homecoming' really does pack a wallop, it just works. I'd forgotten what it was like for Sylar to be a properly scary villain rather than the half-arsed attempts at evil in later seasons. Well, he is still evil just not scary. That said, I wouldn't trade the image of cut in case of spoilerphobes ) for anything. Charlie is so sweet, if vaguely annoying in some indefinable way. I really wish they hadn't just forgotten about her by the end of the season. Her Hiro arc was such a beautiful piece of character development for him and it just vanishes. I mean, we still have slightly edgier Hiro, but it is never given any context.

Claude! Christopher Eccleston being all snarky and British and 'fantastic'.

I really wish I had the energy to make it through to 'Company Man' and '5 Years Gone'. I truly believe the exchange between Hiro, Future!Hiro, and Ando is just brilliant.

Heroes was so good in the beginning. It is a slow burning, but rewarding, piece of television. It doesn't just raise issues then forget about them. It actually pays off. That craftsmanship is lacking from the later seasons where it is slow burning, but the rewards are either not enough or fricking stupid. Furthermore, the plotting is simply not as intricate. From the beginning of season one you watch the characters intersect and interact in all this seemingly minor ways that create this giant web. Seasons 2 and 3 introduce characters separately from the main story, which doesn't work when you already have such a well-established, well-loved (okay, well-tolerated) cast. Also, while characters have moments of sheer idiocy, it doesn't define them the way it does later on. Yes, Peter, Mohinder, and Hiro, I am looking at the three of you.

Anyway, happy 2009!
1st-Jan-2009 12:45 am - Happy New Year! Also, Heroes 105-108.
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So, I ended up being talked into going to a party for a bit. It was nice insofar as I got to catch up with someone I hadn't seen in a while. Now I'm back to Heroes and loving Hiro some more. Also, Ando the adorable leach. They are just so cute as heterosexual life partners with their "This is how we role." I'd forgotten how much the Niki/Ikin plot line seemed to drag. Ali Larter is smoking hot though. As is Adrian Pasdar. Nathan is one of my favourites on the show. He is not stupid and ridiculously idealistic. Admittedly, he may go slightly too far in the other direction, but when all is said and done he comes through for those he loves.

I really don't want an 8 hour bus trip tomorrow.
31st-Dec-2008 08:40 pm - Heroes 101-104!
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Erm, expect Heroes spam tonight. I'd forgotten how good it was in Season 1. It really is quite bizarre watching the time before they all turn into complete and utter fuckwits who could be outwitted by a sharp rock. It is especially disconcerting with Mohinder. Seriously, by the second season the absurdity of Mohinder's continued survival is counter-balanced only by his hotness. Also, I'd forgotten how gorgeous Eden was. Nora Zehetner is just adorable, all short hair and giant eyes.

Hiro and Ando make me happy. So does Matt.
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