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30th-May-2009 02:51 pm - This is me remembering to crosspost
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There is a torrent for Soragumi's Phantom and nobody is seeding it. Why does the interwebz hate me?!

Group assignment is kind of a joke. I am the only one anywhere near organised and we are presenting on Tuesday. Anyway, now I have to put together the timeline that Fearless Leader was supposed to do, and start scripting. At least the subject matter has been interesting - labour relations in China. I have to say, my other group members have a very optimistic view of China and it is changing for the better for real this time. Still, those that try and start unions to compete with CCP sponsored ACFTU tend to end up in jail or, on occasion, dead.
11th-Apr-2009 11:19 am - I freely admit I suck at Japanese, but...
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I went out to brunch with a big group of friends and friends-of-friends this morning. I just have one thing to say - the next person who says that "they're European and speak a bajillion languages and seriously, learning kanji can't be that difficult" dies. Learning kanji is not like learning a European language, the are fricking ideograms with different readings and different meanings in different contexts. So piss off and stop assuming I am just an idiot.

Essay is almost done. I can't find any resources about corporate re-structuring though, so I'm going to leave it for a while and come back to it.

M*A*S*H is so much better with the laugh track off. I just wish they hadn't screwed us so much with the DVDs. I bought all the seasons separately and special feature-less, but now for slightly less than what I paid there is a lovely box set with special features. Uncool, M*A*S*H. I stand by my claim that Trapper is one of the most interesting characters on the show. Most fans disagree, obviously Hawkeye is, but I think Trapper has a lot more depth than fandom gives him credit for.

Oh, would you look at that. Cardinal Pell has come out supporting the Pope's 'condoms make the AIDS crisis worse' claim. Catholicism, sometimes you seriously fail. Like a lot. Also, this is an interesting read. It's about the actual environmental impact of farming v the perceived environmental impact. It has a very bad reputation in Australia, and I would assume in a lot of other countries as well.
30th-Mar-2009 03:09 pm - Can we get a new Communications Minister, please?
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Oh, Stephen Conroy, you really are a fucking idiot. After many months of bleating about how mandatory ISP filtering was necessary to stop kiddie porn, you can't now turn around and tell us you never said that. Okay, you never said it would stop P2P file sharing, but you ignored everyone who warned you that that was the primary method of distribution. It amounts to the same thing. Also, blocking web sites is censorship; it doesn't matter how you try to dress it up.

I'm not saying that kiddie porn shouldn't be blocked. It is highly illegal for a very good reason. I am saying that having a secret blacklist that covers not just kiddie porn, but regular porn and political content (anti-abortion sites and sites about suicide) is absolutely not on. I mean, make it optional, sure. Parents should be allowed to control what their children see, and more, er, sensitive people would probably appreciate such an option as well. However, some of us are grown up and know what is out there, and choose to brave the big wide web anyway. The government should not be able to make our viewing decisions for us.
28th-Mar-2009 11:59 am - One day I will get a life...
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but that day is not this one.

Grey's Anatomy made me teary again. They've really upped their game this season. I was not so impressed with Private Practice. Okay, I loved most of it, especially Sam telling Del to pull it together and Charlotte sending Cooper to Violet. However, I did not like Addison this episode. Seriously, Spoilery ) Also, where have I seen that kid before?

I'm watching my extended editions of Lord of the Rings today. They really were a great investment.

I really want to write something about the Catholic Church at the moment, but I don't think I can do it without being horribly offensive. Anything written now would be a knee jerk reaction. That being said, I don't think there will ever be a positive reaction to articles like these.
25th-Mar-2009 09:39 am - A collection of uninformed opinions.
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Er, yes, you can still be misogynist if you are a lesbian. If straight men can hate women and still want to sleep with them, why wouldn't you be able to?

I think Turnbull is going to tank soon. His numbers just keep getting worse and worse, he may yet beat Brendan Nelson. I think it is a safe guess that Costello will step in when the time comes, which wouldn't be the worst thing in the world. As conservatives go, he is quite moderate.

So we may have another bikie war in Australia. That is just what we need. Actually, what Victoria really needs is its own Fitzgerald Inquiry to deal with some of the rife corruption.

Gen Y is not actually at fault because they have never experienced a recession before now. They are not actually to blame for the prosperity of the fairly recent past. Hell, the less economically aware ones wouldn't even realise that said recent prosperity wasn't actually abnormal. Furthermore, give us a little credit, please. We adapt, it's what we do.

C leaves for Japan tonight. I won't see her again until August. I do not like this at all.
9th-Mar-2009 08:06 pm - My last semester...
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I've already started blowing off classes. It is week 2 and I only have 6 contact hours. That is truly atrocious. My linguistics lecturer is just the most boring, rambly lecturer I've ever had. It took her 2 hours to get through 12 slides. That should take 45 minutes at most. So, when it started raining this afternoon, I opted for a bowl of popcorn and some Futurama instead.


I don't want this election. I want an entirely different, competent government, something I don't think we can get here.
6th-Mar-2009 03:23 pm - Economic Update
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Labor did not cause the recession, people are going to lose their jobs, big business is actively screwing us all over, executives are earning stupid amounts of money but still firing people to protect profits, and not all blue-collar workers are walking stereotypes. That is about the sum of my frustration at the moment.

Seriously, Labor did not cause the recession. That may be the stupidest thing I've heard said about the GFC. Okay, second stupidest after finding out that most Australians thought it would 'pass us by'. That would be the stupidest thing. Work Choices and a Liberal government would not have prevented this, all it would have done is make sure the employees have minimal rights. Anyway, our current IR legislation is Work Choices Lite, it more Work Choices than not. Furthermore, all the studies done have indicated that a race to the bottom would have been the most likely outcome, rather than the much trumpeted claims that it would set wages at the fairest, most cost efficient rate. The free market is not infallible, as can be seen by opening a damn newspaper.

I wish people would actually think about things, rather than just automatically blaming the guys they didn't vote for.
2nd-Mar-2009 10:21 pm - When did I become such a ship whore?
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Usually, I only have a couple of proper ships in any given show. Grey's Anatomy is apparently the massive exception to this rule. I didn't realise until I filled out a couple of friending memes, but I have a ridiculous number of ships. Seriously. I ship:
I'm cutting this because it is 20 ships long. )

I could probably come up with more if I tried.

In politics, Warwick Capper and Pauline Hanson are running against each other in Beaudesert. I am actually embarrassed to be a Queenslander right now.

Hello to all my new friends! I hope I don't scare you away.

I think there may be a Richard Hammond picspam in the works. I watched an old Top Gear ep tonight and it reminded me how much of a crush I have on that man.
2nd-Mar-2009 01:07 am - State elections suck
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New theme to go with a new season. Well, officially it is autumn, but I haven't seen any proof yet. True, Brisbane is not great for seasons, they pretty much just meld together into hot season and less hot season, but it was over 30C today. That is hot. Also, sticky.

Uni starts again tomorrow. This makes me sad. While I am glad that I am not job searching at the moment, I don't really want to be studying either. This is my fifth year. I have been doing the exact same things every semester for four years. I don't want to do them any more.

Also, I don't want to have to vote in the upcoming election. Both the major parties suck. Hard. Seriously. I don't want either of them in power. Labor keeps fucking up and LNP is just plain inept. None of these people are fit to run the state! I am very frustrated by this, I want someone to produce a bit of policy so I can make a proper choice. I am leaning towards Labor at this point not because of any policy, but because they tend to be the slightly more socially liberal party and I am nothing if not socially liberal. At the moment, it is just vicious attacks like 'don't vote for the other party because they eat babies' and ridiculous, fluffy "vote winners" like 'choose your own state motto!'. This is not good politicking, it is just irritating. Give me a reason to vote for you, rather than a reason not to vote for the other party.

I don't want to wait for my shows to come back. I want to fangirl them now. Also, I want more MattMo.
1st-Feb-2009 09:47 pm - New Takarazuka icon!
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Store owners, you have almost no legal rights regarding shoplifters. You can't detain them, and you sure as hell can't ask them to lift their tops to prove they aren't smuggling. You just don't get to do that. Seriously. I am generally anti-litigation, but in this case I really couldn't blame the woman.
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