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21st-May-2009 10:42 pm - Bloody buggering hell
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I seem to have lost my disc stacker. This is problematic. It had all my burnt discs in it, so I now have no Fawlty Towers, Boston Legal, A Bit of Fry and Laurie, Black Books, and a lot less Takarazuka than I did. Such is the state of my hormones at the moment that I kind of really want to cry about this. Which is ridiculous. They are just DVDs, and are not worth crying over. Otherwise, life is going well. Assignments are progressing at a painfully slow rate, but definitely progressing. My suburb did not flood, nor did any of the roads suffer any major damage. J has found a job that is right up her alley, so she is applying for it and praying. It is freezing here tonight, so I get to snuggle up in my pjs under my doona.
10th-May-2009 06:41 pm - Emo Daisy is Emo
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I am being emo tonight, having stupid suspicions that I may in fact be unlovable. Usually I would just bug flatmate until she had a cup of tea with me and reassured that I had some of the qualities of a worthwhile human being. I don't entirely know how to talk myself out of it on my own. I'm going to try stupid comedies with absolutely no romantic plot lines. I'll probably go with Faulty Towers because not only is there no romance to speak of, but there are no real friendships either. I may need that tonight.
9th-Apr-2009 01:42 pm
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Thanks to the Takarazuka secret on FS, I am now having a bit of a craving. Should I watch something that is properly good, like Elisabeth, or something trashy and fun, like Copacabana? I really wish I had Pimpernel. That would make this decision so much easier because Pimpernel is awesome.

This is probably not going to help with my post-JET recovery, but dammit, I don't care. What are a few more tears. Actually, about that, I should maybe clarify. I did not get rejected outright, I was made an alternate. I'm still not sure whether to accept it and remain in limbo for potentially another 7 months, or to just chuck it in and move on.

In some good news, I've picked up another couple of hours a week tutoring an ESL student. It is a little terrifying though, he wants to learn from the ground up and I am not that experienced. This is helpful, though, I don't like the whole dependent on my parents business.
2nd-Mar-2009 01:07 am - State elections suck
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New theme to go with a new season. Well, officially it is autumn, but I haven't seen any proof yet. True, Brisbane is not great for seasons, they pretty much just meld together into hot season and less hot season, but it was over 30C today. That is hot. Also, sticky.

Uni starts again tomorrow. This makes me sad. While I am glad that I am not job searching at the moment, I don't really want to be studying either. This is my fifth year. I have been doing the exact same things every semester for four years. I don't want to do them any more.

Also, I don't want to have to vote in the upcoming election. Both the major parties suck. Hard. Seriously. I don't want either of them in power. Labor keeps fucking up and LNP is just plain inept. None of these people are fit to run the state! I am very frustrated by this, I want someone to produce a bit of policy so I can make a proper choice. I am leaning towards Labor at this point not because of any policy, but because they tend to be the slightly more socially liberal party and I am nothing if not socially liberal. At the moment, it is just vicious attacks like 'don't vote for the other party because they eat babies' and ridiculous, fluffy "vote winners" like 'choose your own state motto!'. This is not good politicking, it is just irritating. Give me a reason to vote for you, rather than a reason not to vote for the other party.

I don't want to wait for my shows to come back. I want to fangirl them now. Also, I want more MattMo.
21st-Feb-2009 12:13 am - I am back from Vanuatu!
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I love the rain. I love the way it smells. I love the way it sounds. I love the way it makes me feel, like maybe things can just be washed clean. Also, I never outgrew squishing mud between my toes.

Vanuatu was amazing, though it may have reminded me how completely socially inadequate I am. Meeting new people when my sister is around never ends well. I know how horrible this sounds, but these were people who should have liked me better. They were interested in politics and Britcoms and didn't know every song in the Top 40. I am, however, so ridiculously awkward that my bubbly but vapid younger sibling attracts all the affection. Yes, I am jealous. My sister is perfectly lovely, she just makes me feel, well, hopeless. The bright side is that the snorkelling was mind blowingly good. I got to see a moray eel, the one type of eel that doesn't creep me out.

I think Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice should crossover more often, I really truly do. Mmmm, twice the Kate Walsh.
31st-Dec-2008 01:52 am - Less crazy tonight
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Okay, so I am definitely saner tonight, there is much less freaking out. I am still lonely and the rest, but tolerably so. I talked to a couple of friends who inadvertently reminded me of how much they love me. Also, how much I love them. I have amazing friends who I can talk to for 45 minutes without discussing anything of importance. So yeah, back to relatively well-adjusted.

I am spending New Year eating brownies and watching Heroes. I may love this plan a bit. I don't care how tragic it may be.

[ profile] flaaa_blah, according to my flatmate, your package has arrived. I haven't opened it yet (the whole not in Brissie thing), but thank you in advance! It is weirdly exciting to be going home to shiny, shiny mail.

Erm, [ profile] broncobabe007 may have talked me into shipping John O./Stephen Colbert. This is bad, I think. This is also requiring Colbert!picspam. Just remember, intelligence and humour are fricking hot.

Seriously, I would marry him despite him actually being twice my age )

The picture with mini!Stephen freaks me out. It really truly does. Also, I imagine this is the last picspam of 2008. I'd say it is ending on a high.
30th-Dec-2008 12:32 am - Look at me whine.
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All things considered, I am reasonable well adjusted. I mean, with the obvious exception of my inability to function without regular bouts of physical contact with other people. I need the physical affection of another, be it a resting a hand on my shoulder, leaning on someone while we watch a movie, or full blown hugs. I just don't function without physical reassurance of affection. Anyway, my point is that I am basically permanently single (I'm twenty-one years old and have never been on a date) and I am mostly okay with that. I am loved and I love those around me, that is usually enough. Tonight, however, I am just lonely. Ridiculously lonely. I just want someone to want me, which is stupid and vain, but I don't care. I know that it won't happen if I just keep doing what I'm doing, but I am terrified of trying and failing. So I just keep hanging out with friends in my comfort zone, and keeping to myself at uni, and generally avoiding leaving my flat if I don't have to, none of which is in the least bit helpful.
23rd-Aug-2008 02:21 am
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I am still dying from the flu. This is not fun.

I do offer a rec, though. It's a Donna/Ianto friendship fic, and it's just lovely. The voices are just perfect and the whole thing is sweet and funny with just a hint of bittersweetness. One warning though, it does have spoilers through to Journey's End.

Permanent Placement by [ profile] lacylu42 - Torchwood/Doctor Who - PG Memory is a very dangerous thing for Donna, and Ianto's called on to step in and help her. On Doctor's orders.
5th-Aug-2008 12:07 am
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Oh God, I am writing fic. How did that happen? What possibly could have possessed me to do such a thing?

I saw Mamma Mia last night. I loved it, absolutely adored it. My love of ABBA probably didn't hurt, but every one of the actors made their characters that little bit loveable. Amanda Seyfried was just lovely, though Meryl Streep utterly stole the show with 'The Winner Takes It All'. The entire cinema was singing along to 'Dancing Queen', and most of us were chair dancing as well. The scenery was stunning, the singing and dancing was great (loved the boys in 'Lay All Your Love on Me'), and Pierce Brosnan's singing alone was worth the price of admission. I think, though, the highlight was at the end with the super shiny skin tight suits. This is why I stay for credits.
24th-Jul-2008 11:56 am - Pointless bitching
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I'm cold, wet, and trying to forcibly expel my lungs with my coughing. This is not a good day. Also, I'm thinking I may have to drop 'Literature, Struggle, and Revolution' because I know next to nothing about literary theory. Seriously, I love books but I know almost nothing about them.

I think my rainy day playlist, hot chocolate, and porny Doctor Who fics may be in order.
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