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3rd-May-2009 09:38 am - Because I am a good friend...
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[Poll #1393865]

To sweeten the deal, some Adrian Pasdar picspam. )
10th-Apr-2009 04:30 pm - I have been watching Pushing Daises
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and now I feel like strawberry and orange pie.

Fantasising about food is not getting my essay written. The essay I have since realised is actually 2000 words, not 1500. Oops.

In honour of my procrastination, I offer Danny Bhoy picspam. The man is gorgeous, funny, and has a Scottish accent; what's not to love? )
4th-Mar-2009 11:31 am - Let's be clear, this is not me procrastinating...
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Memey )

I wish I hadn't let H borrow my Wiimotes. Today is a perfect Twilight Princess kind of day. Or Mario Kart. Mario Kart is also good. Instead I just have J's Xbox 360 with Halo 2. I love playing it on co-op mode, but am less fond of it one playered. It is still fun, though.

Richard Hammond picspam, with some bonus John Oliver and Stephen Colbert. )
10th-Jan-2009 12:05 am - Life's been good but boring
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I kind of feel like I should post something even though I have absolutely nothing to say. In lieu of actual content, I offer picspam of the smokin' hot Sandra Oh. Seriously, Grey's Anatomy has the hottest women on television.

Sandra Oh )
31st-Dec-2008 01:52 am - Less crazy tonight
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Okay, so I am definitely saner tonight, there is much less freaking out. I am still lonely and the rest, but tolerably so. I talked to a couple of friends who inadvertently reminded me of how much they love me. Also, how much I love them. I have amazing friends who I can talk to for 45 minutes without discussing anything of importance. So yeah, back to relatively well-adjusted.

I am spending New Year eating brownies and watching Heroes. I may love this plan a bit. I don't care how tragic it may be.

[ profile] flaaa_blah, according to my flatmate, your package has arrived. I haven't opened it yet (the whole not in Brissie thing), but thank you in advance! It is weirdly exciting to be going home to shiny, shiny mail.

Erm, [ profile] broncobabe007 may have talked me into shipping John O./Stephen Colbert. This is bad, I think. This is also requiring Colbert!picspam. Just remember, intelligence and humour are fricking hot.

Seriously, I would marry him despite him actually being twice my age )

The picture with mini!Stephen freaks me out. It really truly does. Also, I imagine this is the last picspam of 2008. I'd say it is ending on a high.
20th-Dec-2008 10:18 pm - Days 5 and 6
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So I may have spent last night watching movies with my parents last night instead of doing this. I am good with this. Also, this is one of yesterday's things that made me happy.

Another thing is that I spent yesterday lounging around in my pjs reading Matthew Reilly books. They are highly addictive with their hyper-paced action and implausible plots.

I really can't remember anything else from yesterday, I didn't really do much.

Today I had a ball vacuuming in my t-shirt and undies, iPod cranked up, dancing and singing along at the top of my lungs.

Finally listening to my podcast of The Bugle made me happy. It involves John Oliver, of course it made me happy. Andy Zaltzman is also awesome, but there will always be a special place in my heart for John. On a related note, setting this picture as my new desktop image ). Why yes, it is a picture of John Oliver.

Storm! Better still, hail storm! It was amazing.

Oh! Falling over and managing not to spill any of the cashews in the bowl I was carrying. This was a rare feat for me, I tend to do as much damage as humanly possible with my clumsiness.
18th-Dec-2008 12:25 am - Day 3 some more.
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Oh my God! Kate Walsh got a hair cut and looks even hotter! I did not think it could be done! I need to stop using exclamation marks! This does necessitate some picspam, I think. Admittedly only one of them has gorgeous new super red hair, but she is stunning regardless.

...I want her so badly.

Again with the Kate. )
16th-Dec-2008 09:03 pm - More John Oliver + things that make me happy day 3
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I am so doing Stephen next. I love him and want to marry him despite the fact he is already married with children and twice my age.

Two more piccies )

And yes, John Oliver and Stephen Colbert are still on the list of things that make me happy. I only have limited music, so the Colbert Christmas Special soundtrack has been on high rotation.

Hugs make me happy. Hugs from people I haven't seen in 8 months makes me really happy.

Japanese curry makes me happy because it is so delicious and easy as to cook. Earning brownie points for making dinner makes it even better.

H, my other little sister, makes me happy.

An afternoon spent cleaning the house in my t-shirt and undies with my music cranked right the hell up was surprisingly fun.
2nd-Dec-2008 09:52 pm - More picspam!
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Mostly Kirsten Vangsness, with some Kate Walsh (me? posting compulsively about Kate Walsh? never) thrown in at the end. My LJ is far more shallow than I ever would have predicted. I swear in real life I am not this shallow. I have opinions about important things! Well thought out opinions. Well, some of them are well thought out. Okay, I have opinions and we'll leave it at that.

I wish I was brave enough to dress like Kirsten Vangsness, she is just so beautifully quirky and adorable and I am just so boring.

Here is the pretty )

Okay, I've decided I am going to post an opinion about something relevant. It will probably be something inspired by The Courier Mail. It does seem to inspire some strong reactions, usually through its continued stupidity, ignorance, and shit stirring.
1st-Dec-2008 08:40 pm - Picspam
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It's been a long time between picspams. I offer just a short John Oliver one, because he is my favourite current TDS correspondent.

John Oliver is pretty, funny, and British. This is a winning combination. )
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