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9th-May-2009 12:16 am
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I got an e-mail from C today. It was a real kick in the stomach, it just reminded me how very much I miss her. I miss her a lot.

I watched the ANZAC Test with my cousin tonight. It was actually a lot of fun. We had fish and ships, and talked about how we wished people were more open-minded. I'm the first to admit that I don't know my extended family that well, so it was a really nice surprise. Not that I thought she was closed-minded, I just didn't really expect what I found out tonight. She is actually thinking about moving into the empty room, which I think would be nice.
19th-Apr-2009 02:25 am - Crisis dealt with
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Also, my sheets now smell like Jagermeister and Smirnoff Double Blacks.

She seems saner now.
19th-Apr-2009 02:13 am - While I was watching Futurama...
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Drunken flatmate just got home and crawled into bed with me. Apparently, drunken flatmate has been making out with a cute friend-of-friend for the last hour. Drunken flatmate is now showering in an attempt to sober up and stop freaking the hell out about said making out. It is rather out of character for her.

I am quietly trying not to be jealous and to talk her out of her immediate instinct of never ever talking to this guy again.
17th-Apr-2009 12:44 am - One day Tyra is just going to jump on Nigel whether he wants it or not
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For Christ's sake, models, learn to speak. Also, Jesus does not care that you are fat. Nor does Jesus care if you become America's Next Top Model. Jesus does not work that way. Also, why is rat fink model still there? I don't care that she is a kind of an awesome model, she is and always will be rat fink model.

Lasagne with friends is good for the soul. It is not, however, good for one's academic career. This semester is kicking my arse. I just can't make myself care about uni any more. I'm in my fifth year, I still have nothing to show for, and that is kind of incredibly de-motivating. The fear of graduating should set in soon, I'm sure, but at the moment I just want to do something new.

My flatmate is coming for visits this weekend. It will be nice to see her again, even though I'd rather do it under happier circumstances.
10th-Apr-2009 11:11 pm - While I'm on a Takarazuka kick...
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C has got me well trained. I spent the whole evening looking out for Haya-chan. Credit where credit is due, Haya-chan is one of the most ridiculously adorable Siennes out there. C still seems convinced I'm going to be a Doi-chan fangirl though. Tonight, I really wish I had Rose of Versailles (Oscar and Andre), Scarlet Pimpernel, or Phoenix Wright. Admittedly, I haven't seen the last one, but I really want to. Actually, the BeruBara anime would be nice as well. Okay so the list could keep going - "A"-rex, The Second Life, El Halcon, the Ceasar one who's name escapes me right now. I'm going to stop now. Why must Takarazuka stuff be so expensive? Also, why must C have never followed through on her promises to keep burning things for me?

Why isn't J on Skype? I want someone to talk to.

I may have to start on the M*A*S*H DVDs. Trapper fix ahead!
1st-Apr-2009 11:18 am - But that is too much of a sacrifice.
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Adrian Pasdar is so unfairly pretty. I mean, drop dead gorgeous. Especially when slightly dishevelled. Nathan and Claire starting to work it all out was lovely. Sylar is actually kind of interesting again, which is a nice change.

I have about 5 loads of washing up to do today. My current flatmate is appallingly lazy, and thankfully moving out at the end of the week. I want J to get a job and come back to me! Then I have to go and summarise 4 chapters about IHRM. This is not shaping up to be a great day.

This weekend will be better. I'm going to the coast to see my grandparents and my sister, and Mum may or may not be coming down for visits. That would be fantastic.
31st-Dec-2008 01:52 am - Less crazy tonight
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Okay, so I am definitely saner tonight, there is much less freaking out. I am still lonely and the rest, but tolerably so. I talked to a couple of friends who inadvertently reminded me of how much they love me. Also, how much I love them. I have amazing friends who I can talk to for 45 minutes without discussing anything of importance. So yeah, back to relatively well-adjusted.

I am spending New Year eating brownies and watching Heroes. I may love this plan a bit. I don't care how tragic it may be.

[ profile] flaaa_blah, according to my flatmate, your package has arrived. I haven't opened it yet (the whole not in Brissie thing), but thank you in advance! It is weirdly exciting to be going home to shiny, shiny mail.

Erm, [ profile] broncobabe007 may have talked me into shipping John O./Stephen Colbert. This is bad, I think. This is also requiring Colbert!picspam. Just remember, intelligence and humour are fricking hot.

Seriously, I would marry him despite him actually being twice my age )

The picture with mini!Stephen freaks me out. It really truly does. Also, I imagine this is the last picspam of 2008. I'd say it is ending on a high.
16th-Jun-2008 02:48 am - More on the 'Strangely Pathetic' front
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It is quite disturbing how rapidly I go from relatively happy and well-adjusted to a giant mopey lump when deprived of physical affection. Yet I insist on living with one of the least physically affectionate people I know. Actually, she is probably the least physically affectionate person I know as I tend to gravitate to people more like me.

Touch starved and assignment stressed makes Daisy miss her Mum.
9th-Jun-2008 02:31 am - I am strangely pathetic
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I realise at this point in time I have no fandom friends, which was kind of the whole point of finally setting up an LJ, so it is kind of sad that I just keep posting away merrily. I also realise that I really don't care and find ranting here kind of therapeutic. It's like ranting to my flatmate, only quieter. I did forgive her by the way, she made me pancakes and it is impossible to stay mad at someone who makes you pancakes. Anyway, I figure sooner or later someone will read this and friend me and this will be slightly less of an exercise in futility.

Study is going poorly, I think I actually know less now than I did a week ago. I gave my brain a rest today by binging on Scrubs. Seasons 2 and 3 are extremely awesome. I also watched My Musical from season 6, just because I love it so. I am really not a shipper for Scrubs, except for the canon ships (excluding JD/Elliot). I do ship Elliot/Sean and Elliot/Keith pretty hard. I don't really know why I love Scrubs so much, but it is one of my default shows. If I don't know what I feel like watching it'll default to either Scrubs, Futurama, Yes Minister, or M*A*S*H. I love that it can make me go from laughing my head off to crying my eyes in mere minutes. I love the background characters that have slowly risen to recurring characters, with a special place in my heart reserved for Snoop Dogg Attending. There is no greater first line than "Where my ho's at?". I can't explain why I love this show so damn much, but I do.

I also watched a couple of episodes of Firefly, in honour of which, I bring recs. Firstly, a G-rated Mal/Simon Firefly fic that is sweet and lovely, even if there is some temporary character death. Killing Simon by Juli is a missing scene from Ariel. Secondly, Reasons to Fight by [ profile] zeldadestry, which is a Mal/Simon AU in which Simon and River switched places. It's not particularly explicit, I'd say about PG.
6th-Jun-2008 02:11 am - I need an angry icon
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That post about how much I love my flatmate? I take it back. I rescind my love. I'm sure I'll give it back tomorrow, but right now I kind of want to slap her. How on earth does it seem like a good idea to start up the garbage disposal at 1.45am when a) your flatmate went to bed hours ago, b) you know she did not sleep well the night before, and c) you know she is an incredibly light sleeper? I realise it was a moment of stupidity, and she was apologising before I'd even opened my bedroom door, but I was asleep and enjoying it. I value sleep, especially during study week.

On a study week note, am doing miserably at trying to study and will probably fail all my exams. I'm oddly okay with that.
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