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30th-May-2009 02:51 pm - This is me remembering to crosspost
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There is a torrent for Soragumi's Phantom and nobody is seeding it. Why does the interwebz hate me?!

Group assignment is kind of a joke. I am the only one anywhere near organised and we are presenting on Tuesday. Anyway, now I have to put together the timeline that Fearless Leader was supposed to do, and start scripting. At least the subject matter has been interesting - labour relations in China. I have to say, my other group members have a very optimistic view of China and it is changing for the better for real this time. Still, those that try and start unions to compete with CCP sponsored ACFTU tend to end up in jail or, on occasion, dead.
5th-May-2009 04:46 pm - Yay!
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I scored 74% on my second last undergrad essay. I did not see that coming. Give the half-arsed nature of the assignment, I was expecting about 55%. This has made an already pretty good day a whole lot better.

I've started looking into TESOL courses I can do before I go to Japan. I'm torn between a cheap one that can I afford to pay for on my own, or a good one that I would have to sweet talk my parents into. I know they would willingly pay the difference if it made a difference, but I'm not sure it will. If I were looking to make teaching overseas my life, then hell yeah I'd do the CELTA course, but I just don't know if it is necessary for what I want to do.

I hate making decisions.
21st-Apr-2009 01:59 pm - I really need to stop listening to The Bugle in public, it's embarrassing
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I've realised that while my favourite ship may be McGee/DiNozzo, I pretty much ship McGee with anyone. I think it's because he is just so adorable I can't really comprehend anyone not wanting him.

I should have my (incredibly slow and painful and stupid) essay finished by dinner time. Yay! This means I'll be hitting Chermside tomorrow, collecting my new glasses, and going to a friend's for dinner. Life is good.
19th-Apr-2009 10:23 pm - I can't find the progressive verb in the Peterborough Chronicle!
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I'd forgotten how much badfic you need to wade through when you get into a new fandom. It's not even that the dialogue is just ridiculously OOC, it actually seems like the writers have never had a conversation with another human being, nor have they read, watched, or heard any scripted dialogue ever.

I don't really know what to make of the current boat people debacle. The whole thing kind of reeks of 'Children Overboard' again. This is me reserving judgement until more information becomes available.

I have some new tutoring students! ESL guy never showed, which really sucks. I may have been horribly underqualified, but for $60 a week I would have learned. Instead,though, I got work I'm better suited to.

I'm kind of concerned that I am going to fail my last ever undergraduate mid-semester tomorrow. I know some of the material backwards and forwards and some of it not at all. I think my success or failure will kind of depend on which questions they ask.
17th-Apr-2009 12:44 am - One day Tyra is just going to jump on Nigel whether he wants it or not
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For Christ's sake, models, learn to speak. Also, Jesus does not care that you are fat. Nor does Jesus care if you become America's Next Top Model. Jesus does not work that way. Also, why is rat fink model still there? I don't care that she is a kind of an awesome model, she is and always will be rat fink model.

Lasagne with friends is good for the soul. It is not, however, good for one's academic career. This semester is kicking my arse. I just can't make myself care about uni any more. I'm in my fifth year, I still have nothing to show for, and that is kind of incredibly de-motivating. The fear of graduating should set in soon, I'm sure, but at the moment I just want to do something new.

My flatmate is coming for visits this weekend. It will be nice to see her again, even though I'd rather do it under happier circumstances.
11th-Apr-2009 11:19 am - I freely admit I suck at Japanese, but...
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I went out to brunch with a big group of friends and friends-of-friends this morning. I just have one thing to say - the next person who says that "they're European and speak a bajillion languages and seriously, learning kanji can't be that difficult" dies. Learning kanji is not like learning a European language, the are fricking ideograms with different readings and different meanings in different contexts. So piss off and stop assuming I am just an idiot.

Essay is almost done. I can't find any resources about corporate re-structuring though, so I'm going to leave it for a while and come back to it.

M*A*S*H is so much better with the laugh track off. I just wish they hadn't screwed us so much with the DVDs. I bought all the seasons separately and special feature-less, but now for slightly less than what I paid there is a lovely box set with special features. Uncool, M*A*S*H. I stand by my claim that Trapper is one of the most interesting characters on the show. Most fans disagree, obviously Hawkeye is, but I think Trapper has a lot more depth than fandom gives him credit for.

Oh, would you look at that. Cardinal Pell has come out supporting the Pope's 'condoms make the AIDS crisis worse' claim. Catholicism, sometimes you seriously fail. Like a lot. Also, this is an interesting read. It's about the actual environmental impact of farming v the perceived environmental impact. It has a very bad reputation in Australia, and I would assume in a lot of other countries as well.
10th-Apr-2009 07:27 pm - Gratuitous icon post!
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Oh look, I has a new icon. Also, I am still procrastinating. I seriously need a good kick up the bum. Or a pressing deadline. I do very good work when I have a pressing deadline. It often results in tears and distinctions. Mostly tears.

I have to say, though, this icon kind of makes me terribly sad the same way my Wash icon does. Tosh! Owen! *wibble*

I wish I had more icons.
10th-Apr-2009 04:30 pm - I have been watching Pushing Daises
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and now I feel like strawberry and orange pie.

Fantasising about food is not getting my essay written. The essay I have since realised is actually 2000 words, not 1500. Oops.

In honour of my procrastination, I offer Danny Bhoy picspam. The man is gorgeous, funny, and has a Scottish accent; what's not to love? )
6th-Apr-2009 12:25 pm - I'm coping with the wait better than some people I could name...
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So, JET letters come out tomorrow. Okay, JET letters are posted tomorrow, so I guess they come out on either Wednesday or Thursday. This is okay. This is tolerable. It was driving me a little crazy not knowing, so this little bit of info is very good. I know it means that I have at least 2 days to wait, but at least I have a time frame now.

I can't find any resources for my assignment. This may prove problematic.

Also, for [ profile] broncobabe007 I have a 200 word Mal/Simon drabble.

Read more... )
1st-Apr-2009 04:24 pm - Let's hope I learn from it
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I made a really beginner mistake today. I listened to The Bugle while I was in the library typing up my notes. Laughing out lout is really not something appreciated by other library-goers, but kind of unavoidable when listening to John Oliver and Andy Zalztman. I rewarded my hard work with a Calippo from the corner shop on the way home. Mmmm, lemon-y.

Dinner may be baked beans on toast instead of lamb steak and vegies. I am feeling kind of lazy after the house cleaning and note taking.
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