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19th-Apr-2009 10:23 pm - I can't find the progressive verb in the Peterborough Chronicle!
appalling_cynicism: (Afraid of eternity)
I'd forgotten how much badfic you need to wade through when you get into a new fandom. It's not even that the dialogue is just ridiculously OOC, it actually seems like the writers have never had a conversation with another human being, nor have they read, watched, or heard any scripted dialogue ever.

I don't really know what to make of the current boat people debacle. The whole thing kind of reeks of 'Children Overboard' again. This is me reserving judgement until more information becomes available.

I have some new tutoring students! ESL guy never showed, which really sucks. I may have been horribly underqualified, but for $60 a week I would have learned. Instead,though, I got work I'm better suited to.

I'm kind of concerned that I am going to fail my last ever undergraduate mid-semester tomorrow. I know some of the material backwards and forwards and some of it not at all. I think my success or failure will kind of depend on which questions they ask.
19th-Dec-2008 12:37 pm - See, this is what makes her an unfit politician
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I realise this is somewhat contrary to what I posted yesterday, but fuck you, Anna Bligh! Racism is still racism even under the guise of 'economic necessity'. Ending the visas of immigrant workers to create jobs for "real Australians" is horribly racist and something I would have expected from One Nation, not the Labor Party.

While we're on the topic of politicians who fail at humanity, a special mention must go to our Attorney-General, Kerry Shine, who yesterday claimed that some rapes only had a minor effect on women. Yes, rapes have differing levels of trauma attached to them depending on any number of circumstances, but to describe any rape as minor is quite simply unforgivable. I don't care whether it was a gang rape or a drunken digital rape, there is still nothing minor about it.

I am actually embarrassed to be a Queenslander today.
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