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4th-May-2009 07:23 pm - Baking day!
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Cadbury advertising really has done its job well. As soon as the creepy kids with the eyebrows ad came on I knew right away it was a Cadbuy ad. It was the dress that did it. No advertiser would unintentionally do that.

I really hate that ad, it is creepy.

I made my first ever pie today. I overcompensated for sour blackberries with too much sugar, so the guts are disgustingly sweet, almost inedibly so, but it held together and the crust is beautiful. I am very excited about that part, it was my great-great-grandmother's recipe and I was paranoid I would fuck it up.

I'm slowly exploring the Merlin fandom. It seems pretty awesome.
21st-Apr-2009 09:49 am - Ashes to Ashes! New Who! Bros and Sisters!
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So many shows, but still so much work to do. Must...resist...
10th-Apr-2009 07:27 pm - Gratuitous icon post!
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Oh look, I has a new icon. Also, I am still procrastinating. I seriously need a good kick up the bum. Or a pressing deadline. I do very good work when I have a pressing deadline. It often results in tears and distinctions. Mostly tears.

I have to say, though, this icon kind of makes me terribly sad the same way my Wash icon does. Tosh! Owen! *wibble*

I wish I had more icons.
10th-Apr-2009 09:11 am - I remember when I was a crazy kid with my Napster.
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I now want to read a pimp!Stephen fic. It was the giant gold 's' that burned the image into my brain.

I need to stop procrastinating. Seriously. It's probably not going to happen though. I need to write 1500 words by tomorrow morning.
2nd-Apr-2009 12:14 am - Shut up, I know I am years late for the party
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Flist, I've discovered LotR fic and it is lovely. Not shippy fic, quite frankly the idea of hobbit sex is kind of squicky, but sweet gen fic that makes me smile with its adorableness or tear up with its melancholy.

I can't sleep tonight, which is deviation from my current trend of being so exhausted that I get half through undressing then just curl up until mid-morning. My body righting itself after a few weeks of too much sleep, perhaps? Who knows. I guess I'll just have to stay up trawling the internet for shiny old fic. More likely, though, I'll chuck on some tried-and-tested Futurama to keep me company while I try to sleep. I like noise when I am in my flat alone.
28th-Mar-2009 01:54 pm - LotR
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I seriously love these movies, they actually do the books justice. But Frodo really does fall down a lot.

GANDALF! *wibble*
28th-Mar-2009 11:59 am - One day I will get a life...
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but that day is not this one.

Grey's Anatomy made me teary again. They've really upped their game this season. I was not so impressed with Private Practice. Okay, I loved most of it, especially Sam telling Del to pull it together and Charlotte sending Cooper to Violet. However, I did not like Addison this episode. Seriously, Spoilery ) Also, where have I seen that kid before?

I'm watching my extended editions of Lord of the Rings today. They really were a great investment.

I really want to write something about the Catholic Church at the moment, but I don't think I can do it without being horribly offensive. Anything written now would be a knee jerk reaction. That being said, I don't think there will ever be a positive reaction to articles like these.
1st-Jan-2009 03:35 am - Heroes 109-112 + series-wide reflection
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Okay, so I think I am about to pike. It's 3.30am and I made it precisely half way through. I'll hire it out while I'm in Brissie and finish it there. 'Homecoming' really does pack a wallop, it just works. I'd forgotten what it was like for Sylar to be a properly scary villain rather than the half-arsed attempts at evil in later seasons. Well, he is still evil just not scary. That said, I wouldn't trade the image of cut in case of spoilerphobes ) for anything. Charlie is so sweet, if vaguely annoying in some indefinable way. I really wish they hadn't just forgotten about her by the end of the season. Her Hiro arc was such a beautiful piece of character development for him and it just vanishes. I mean, we still have slightly edgier Hiro, but it is never given any context.

Claude! Christopher Eccleston being all snarky and British and 'fantastic'.

I really wish I had the energy to make it through to 'Company Man' and '5 Years Gone'. I truly believe the exchange between Hiro, Future!Hiro, and Ando is just brilliant.

Heroes was so good in the beginning. It is a slow burning, but rewarding, piece of television. It doesn't just raise issues then forget about them. It actually pays off. That craftsmanship is lacking from the later seasons where it is slow burning, but the rewards are either not enough or fricking stupid. Furthermore, the plotting is simply not as intricate. From the beginning of season one you watch the characters intersect and interact in all this seemingly minor ways that create this giant web. Seasons 2 and 3 introduce characters separately from the main story, which doesn't work when you already have such a well-established, well-loved (okay, well-tolerated) cast. Also, while characters have moments of sheer idiocy, it doesn't define them the way it does later on. Yes, Peter, Mohinder, and Hiro, I am looking at the three of you.

Anyway, happy 2009!
1st-Jan-2009 12:45 am - Happy New Year! Also, Heroes 105-108.
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So, I ended up being talked into going to a party for a bit. It was nice insofar as I got to catch up with someone I hadn't seen in a while. Now I'm back to Heroes and loving Hiro some more. Also, Ando the adorable leach. They are just so cute as heterosexual life partners with their "This is how we role." I'd forgotten how much the Niki/Ikin plot line seemed to drag. Ali Larter is smoking hot though. As is Adrian Pasdar. Nathan is one of my favourites on the show. He is not stupid and ridiculously idealistic. Admittedly, he may go slightly too far in the other direction, but when all is said and done he comes through for those he loves.

I really don't want an 8 hour bus trip tomorrow.
31st-Dec-2008 01:52 am - Less crazy tonight
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Okay, so I am definitely saner tonight, there is much less freaking out. I am still lonely and the rest, but tolerably so. I talked to a couple of friends who inadvertently reminded me of how much they love me. Also, how much I love them. I have amazing friends who I can talk to for 45 minutes without discussing anything of importance. So yeah, back to relatively well-adjusted.

I am spending New Year eating brownies and watching Heroes. I may love this plan a bit. I don't care how tragic it may be.

[ profile] flaaa_blah, according to my flatmate, your package has arrived. I haven't opened it yet (the whole not in Brissie thing), but thank you in advance! It is weirdly exciting to be going home to shiny, shiny mail.

Erm, [ profile] broncobabe007 may have talked me into shipping John O./Stephen Colbert. This is bad, I think. This is also requiring Colbert!picspam. Just remember, intelligence and humour are fricking hot.

Seriously, I would marry him despite him actually being twice my age )

The picture with mini!Stephen freaks me out. It really truly does. Also, I imagine this is the last picspam of 2008. I'd say it is ending on a high.
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