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17th-Nov-2008 02:33 am - I bring Chris Lowell picspam and ranting
appalling_cynicism: (Never outgrow jumping in puddles)
QI is back! Oh, how I've missed you. There is simply not enough television featuring comedians competing in a trivia competition.

I've been having an interesting/horrifying discussion with D (my American friend, for those playing at home) about why she voted yes on Prop 8. It has been disturbing, I didn't realise how conservative she was. I mean, I knew she was conservative, what, with the promising to bow to her husband's wishes when she got married, but I never picked her as the sort to mix politics and religion. By the end she was getting snarky because a) I am a secularist who believes religious principles have no place in law making and b) I'm not American how could I possibly understand the state of liberalism in that country, and how they are just waiting to jump off the slippery slope because allowing gay marriage would open the doors to the legalisation of incest and paedophilia. I don't see how you can stand back and go 'yes, I acknowledge that my premise is based on the slippery slope fallacy, but I stand by it anyway'. I also don't see how you can argue that marriage is based on religious principles alone. It has legal rights and responsibilities, it stops being about the bloody church. It is that simple. And no, this does not make me "a secularist taking a piece of religion and trying to make it work out of context" because marriage (in an admittedly different form) pre-dates recorded history. That means it damn sure pre-dates Christianity. I really don't think she thinks this an at all bigoted view, and I don't think I can tell her that it is over e-mail. In person, hell damn yes. Over e-mail, not so much.

In hotter news, Chris Lowell is pretty. )
28th-Jun-2008 02:20 am - Another crush
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Oh, crap. I seem to have developed a major crush on Alan Davies. Damn you and your awesomeness, QI! Now I think I have to watch Jonathan Creek.

One day I will get a crush on someone I may actually meet.

ETA: Do Stephen Fry and Alan Davies do anything but flirt? I mean, really, how was I supposed to not start shipping them a teeny tiny bit?
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