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1st-Apr-2009 05:43 pm - Because I don't yet feel like putting away my nice clean dishes...
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I offer recs! Not many, just a couple of my favourite West Wing fics. As an advanced warning, they are all Josh/Sam. Okay, one of them is probably more gen than anything else, it's pre-slash if you happen to ship it.

You and Me of the 10 000 Wars by Violet and Ellen M - PG13 - "You're asking the wrong person," he says. "Josh has never been in love with me." As soon as the words are out he sits up in his chair, so fast that it squeaks. He's shocked at the bitter edge of his own words.

♥ I think this may be a stock rec for this fandom. It is a lovely story about how Sam deals with Amy and Josh, with a massive heaping of Ainsley for good measure. I love Ainsley, especially in this.

Twelve Days before the World Changed by [ profile] raihon - In the summer of 1988, Sam sublets a room in Josh's house and thus begins an interesting friendship.

♥ Amazing, plotty, gritty fic set in a world that is changing rapidly. As the author puts it, it is a love song to 1989.

Sentimental Fever by Seana Renay - PG - "You know how everyone thinks you're the smart one?" he asked. "We should get them to stop thinking that."

♥ Sweet! Absolutely adorable story about the boys saying 'I love you' for the first time and how Sam is an idiot.

And now for something completely different.

Double Ironed by [ profile] simmyschtuff - House - R - He died last Christmas.

♥ In case the summary isn't enough of a warning, there is character death in this fic. Also, hints of House/Wilson in amongst the House/Chase goodness. It is more a lovely character study of how House deals with a puzzle he can't solve. It is light, and funny, and tragic.
27th-Sep-2008 01:25 am - You can take the girl out of the country...
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I have escaped from the city and finally made it home. 4 years of university may have taught me nothing except that I am a country girl at heart. I know there are a lot of bad things to be said about life in a small town, I've said most of them at one time or another, but I have roots here that I just haven't been able to establish in Brisbane. I know it is not the universal experience, I have friends who have thrived down there, but I'm just not one of them. I do, however, very much appreciate the large potential friends pool. I had about 3 real friends in high school because I didn't drink and drinking was (is) the primary way of socialising. I got to Brisbane and met people who did not define friendship as getting paralytic on the weekend. While I don't think I'll end up back here when I graduate and go looking for work, if I get my way I'll end up somewhere like here. If I ever have a family of my own, which I am not at all sure about yet, I want them to have what I did.

On a lighter note, I do believe I promised recs and picspam.

Recs! More specifically a House, a Who, and a Harry rec. )

Lee )
I'm thinking maybe Scarlett for my next picspam. Also, why isn't Pushing Daisies back on yet? I want my candy coloured world filled with gruesome murders and pies back.
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