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30th-Apr-2009 12:05 pm - Heroes finale!
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So, that was rather, well, anti-climactic.

One non-spoilery note - Claire, when there is a shapeshifter on the loose, especially an evil shapeshifter, someone saying "I am X" does not actually make them X. Just so you know for next time.

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23rd-Apr-2009 10:12 pm - Escapism! Yay!
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Part way through Bones - I don't know what gender Tanaka is, and I don't care. Tanaka is hot! I would guess female though, but that may be the Takarazuka fan talking.

Wow, it was a really wussy Heroes ep this week. Wah! Poor me, I have the powers of a god but don't know who I am. Also, I don't like the Matt romance they seem to be hinting at.

I plan on escaping into crappy television for the next week. Life really sucks at the moment. Assessment may be over, but much worse things are happening and I can't really deal with it. I will deal, when my friends need me, but on my own I plan on pretending that absolutely nothing is wrong.
21st-Apr-2009 07:12 pm - Assignment is done!
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Brothers and Sisters, you never cease to amaze me with your awesomeness. I don't like this whole Becca/Ryan plot line, but otherwise you're adorable and lovely.

I've raided big bro's hard drive and stole me some NCIS. It is just as good (in a dodgy kind of way) as I remember it. Tony has such a crush on McGee and doesn't even realise it. He just touches him all the time. Admittedly, I started with the Ziva eps, because I just can't bear the Kate episodes *wibble*.

In this post-assignment world, I am completely buzzed. I don't quite know what to do with myself without this hanging over my head. I am down to one more assignment, and two finals. Then I will be done with undergrad! Assuming I pass everything.

I really want to know how Heroes is going to play out. It's been so good again. Though, to be honest, I would trade the newly re-awesomed Heroes for Pushing Daisies without a second thought. Curse you and your talent, Brian Fuller. Why aren't there two of you?

I miss having friends to spend time with.
17th-Apr-2009 12:26 pm - I really have re-discovered a proper love for Heroes
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Adrian Pasdar is hot. Nathan it completely awesome. Angela is the best character on the entire show. It deserves repeating that Adrian Pasdar is ridiculously, unfairly hot. He is equally hot polished and in a suit as he is scruffy and wearing jeans. This a very good thing.

I have sand fly bites all up my legs. This should be impossible as I haven't worn anything except jeans for the last 7 days. It's a mystery.
1st-Apr-2009 11:18 am - But that is too much of a sacrifice.
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Adrian Pasdar is so unfairly pretty. I mean, drop dead gorgeous. Especially when slightly dishevelled. Nathan and Claire starting to work it all out was lovely. Sylar is actually kind of interesting again, which is a nice change.

I have about 5 loads of washing up to do today. My current flatmate is appallingly lazy, and thankfully moving out at the end of the week. I want J to get a job and come back to me! Then I have to go and summarise 4 chapters about IHRM. This is not shaping up to be a great day.

This weekend will be better. I'm going to the coast to see my grandparents and my sister, and Mum may or may not be coming down for visits. That would be fantastic.
27th-Mar-2009 03:34 pm - Hiro and Ando are fantastic
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I totally called Rebel, though I strongly suspect most of the fandom did. It kind of gets spoilery a bit now. )

Angel Petrelli is awesomecakes.
11th-Mar-2009 12:02 pm - I am a shallow, shallow person
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There is an unfairly hot Scottish guy in my management tute. He is pretty and so is his accent. This class may be a lot more interesting now.

Last week's Heroes spoilers! )
4th-Mar-2009 10:28 pm - Am I a horrible person? Maybe...
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I am two weeks behind in my Heroes viewing because I don't really have enough download quota left to waste it on TV shows. This makes me sad, because it has actually been good again. Admittedly, it has been about 3 episodes, but that is more consistently good eps than they've pulled off in a while. In honour of this, and because I've been binging on it, I offer MattMo recs. While I have quite a few ships on the show, it is the only one I actually read fic for.

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12th-Feb-2009 10:32 am - My week in television...and shipping.
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So Heroes is being kind of awesome again. Well, as I thought that last Volume as well, but I'm hoping they can actually sustain it again. I am back to shipping Matt/Mohinder, which is fun. I'll cut this because holy spoiler! ) Hiro is kind of pissing me off, he really needs to grow up. Bring on character development! I love Mohinder again. He could still be outsmarted by a sharp rock, but I don't mind.

Scrubs has me shipping Sonny/Denise like whoa! 'My Absence' was kind of meh, but I loved 'My Comedy Show'.

Grey's Anatomy is awesome. I am glad for the lack of Denny. I ship Christina/Hunt so hard, it just pushes my buttons with it lovely h/c elements. The break down and the hug!

Bones!Dodgy writing! )
1st-Jan-2009 03:35 am - Heroes 109-112 + series-wide reflection
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Okay, so I think I am about to pike. It's 3.30am and I made it precisely half way through. I'll hire it out while I'm in Brissie and finish it there. 'Homecoming' really does pack a wallop, it just works. I'd forgotten what it was like for Sylar to be a properly scary villain rather than the half-arsed attempts at evil in later seasons. Well, he is still evil just not scary. That said, I wouldn't trade the image of cut in case of spoilerphobes ) for anything. Charlie is so sweet, if vaguely annoying in some indefinable way. I really wish they hadn't just forgotten about her by the end of the season. Her Hiro arc was such a beautiful piece of character development for him and it just vanishes. I mean, we still have slightly edgier Hiro, but it is never given any context.

Claude! Christopher Eccleston being all snarky and British and 'fantastic'.

I really wish I had the energy to make it through to 'Company Man' and '5 Years Gone'. I truly believe the exchange between Hiro, Future!Hiro, and Ando is just brilliant.

Heroes was so good in the beginning. It is a slow burning, but rewarding, piece of television. It doesn't just raise issues then forget about them. It actually pays off. That craftsmanship is lacking from the later seasons where it is slow burning, but the rewards are either not enough or fricking stupid. Furthermore, the plotting is simply not as intricate. From the beginning of season one you watch the characters intersect and interact in all this seemingly minor ways that create this giant web. Seasons 2 and 3 introduce characters separately from the main story, which doesn't work when you already have such a well-established, well-loved (okay, well-tolerated) cast. Also, while characters have moments of sheer idiocy, it doesn't define them the way it does later on. Yes, Peter, Mohinder, and Hiro, I am looking at the three of you.

Anyway, happy 2009!
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