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23rd-Apr-2009 10:12 pm - Escapism! Yay!
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Part way through Bones - I don't know what gender Tanaka is, and I don't care. Tanaka is hot! I would guess female though, but that may be the Takarazuka fan talking.

Wow, it was a really wussy Heroes ep this week. Wah! Poor me, I have the powers of a god but don't know who I am. Also, I don't like the Matt romance they seem to be hinting at.

I plan on escaping into crappy television for the next week. Life really sucks at the moment. Assessment may be over, but much worse things are happening and I can't really deal with it. I will deal, when my friends need me, but on my own I plan on pretending that absolutely nothing is wrong.
19th-Apr-2009 03:09 pm - Amazing what procrastination can do
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So, procrastination has led to new fandoms again. This is also how I go into the Firefly fandom. Despite rarely watching it any more, I am kind of into NCIS McGee/Dinozzo fics. After the last episode of Bones, I am also searching for any and all Sweets related fic.

It was the best episode of Bones in quite a while. Why aren't there more episodes focussed on Sweets?

Study is going slowly but well.

Thank you, [ profile] milk_and_glass, for uploading that album. I particularly love 'St Stephen's Cross'.
21st-Mar-2009 01:11 pm - Private Practice and Bones
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The fact no one ever calls Bones on her shit is really starting to bug me. Seriously, being brilliant really doesn't excuse you from treating people with any sort common courtesy.

Kate Walsh seems to be getting hotter and hotter. How is that even possible? Also, Chris Lowell is stunning. I'm sure I like this show for reasons other the pretty, but sometimes they get lost. I do love the idea of Charlotte and Violet being friends.
12th-Feb-2009 10:32 am - My week in television...and shipping.
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So Heroes is being kind of awesome again. Well, as I thought that last Volume as well, but I'm hoping they can actually sustain it again. I am back to shipping Matt/Mohinder, which is fun. I'll cut this because holy spoiler! ) Hiro is kind of pissing me off, he really needs to grow up. Bring on character development! I love Mohinder again. He could still be outsmarted by a sharp rock, but I don't mind.

Scrubs has me shipping Sonny/Denise like whoa! 'My Absence' was kind of meh, but I loved 'My Comedy Show'.

Grey's Anatomy is awesome. I am glad for the lack of Denny. I ship Christina/Hunt so hard, it just pushes my buttons with it lovely h/c elements. The break down and the hug!

Bones!Dodgy writing! )
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