May 4th, 2009 
02:03 pm - Oh, I need a life
appalling_cynicism: (I'd pay to see that)
I watched the first two eps of Merlin last night. I may now ship Merlin/Arthur. Seriously, they're begging for it. I have to say, though, I'm a little puzzled by the whole Arthur/Guinevere role reversal. Isn't half the point of the Arthur mythology that Arthur was raised as a commoner?

Apparently, I am just ignoring that thing I said about plans top stop acquiring fandoms like they're going out of style. *le sigh* If only I listened to myself...
07:23 pm - Baking day!
appalling_cynicism: (Mmmm)
Cadbury advertising really has done its job well. As soon as the creepy kids with the eyebrows ad came on I knew right away it was a Cadbuy ad. It was the dress that did it. No advertiser would unintentionally do that.

I really hate that ad, it is creepy.

I made my first ever pie today. I overcompensated for sour blackberries with too much sugar, so the guts are disgustingly sweet, almost inedibly so, but it held together and the crust is beautiful. I am very excited about that part, it was my great-great-grandmother's recipe and I was paranoid I would fuck it up.

I'm slowly exploring the Merlin fandom. It seems pretty awesome.
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